Welcome to the image and media bank of Lund university
Lund University's Image and media bank is available to media as well as Lund University staff. Choose among images, logotypes, templates, fonts, films et cetera.

You must ensure that consent has been obtained before publishing photos and videos that are subject to such a requirement. Read more about when consent is required on the Staff Pages. The fact that the image is free to use within the university does not mean that there is consent – this only concerns the copyright of the image.

Please observe that all pictures are not free of charge and that there may be restrictions in usage. Please see information next to each picture.

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Lund University’s graphic profile only applies to activities which are organisationally part of the University. As a student, you are not to use the University’s templates and do not have access to the Image and Media Bank. However, you are welcome to use the University’s logo on your degree project. Use the same log-in as the press to download the logo. 


If you cannot find the press images you are looking for in the Image and Media Bank, please contact one of the University's Press Office contacts:

Historical images
Are you interested in historical images? Take a look in the University Library’s image database Alvin. 
Photographer: Kennet Ruona